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Batman 1966 finally gets home release Nov, 2014


In 1966, the William Dozier-produced Batman weekly TV series shaped an icon for a generation. Absurd and bizarre, the program attracted celebrities for unique guest spots. While it has been cited as detrimental to the seriousness of comic book adaptations, Batman is such a versatile character that he can be interpreted in various manners from the ‘camp’ TV series to Tim Burton’s dark and weird…

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BIRDMAN - Official International Trailer

Michael Keaton is Birdman (release date Oct 17th)


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Doctor Who ‘Deep Breath’ premiers 23 August 2014
Doctor Who - ‘Evil of the Daleks’ The Second Doctor is surprised when a Dalek with the ‘Human Factor’ suddenly wants to play. (via

Doctor Who Creature From The Pit (Tom Baker)

Batman 1966 Mondo poster

Batman 1966 Mondo poster

Doctor Who - Ghost Light (1989)